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How Get Apps from Google's Web Play Store

Sometimes you may find it easier to sit with a large PC monitor and go through the Play Store. You do that by logging on to the web-based Play Store, which looks like this:

For this to work you must have connected your Android Device with the Google servers, by allowing Android to sync your account. Then you get a list of your apps by clicking MY ANDROID APPS on the top-right corner.

If you scroll down on that page, you'll see all your installed apps. At the end of the page you can choose My Orders & Devices:

So there you will see both the Free and Fee-based apps that you have installed, including the date. At the top of the page you can click on the DEVICES tab, which will take you to a page like this:

The Play Store will allow you to have multiple Android devices such as a phone and a tablet tied to your Play Store account.