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How to use Google Wallet

Google Wallet (previously called Google Checkout) enables you to setup a payment scheme so you can purchase apps and other content from the Google Play Store. In some countries you can purchase music, books, etc. You can do it either from the web or from your Android device. Let's start with the web version: You do that by logging on to Google Wallet, which looks like this:

After you have filled in all the required details of your credit card etc, then click on Create my account at the bottom of the screen, then you're all set to start buying apps!

You can also do it from your Android device. Just go to the Play Store as described in the Get Apps: Play Store chapter. Pick the fee-based app you like, let's look at an example:

1 Tap the price 2 Tap Continue 3 Enter Creditcard details

When you have picked your app, you'll notice one difference from a free app: The Play Store will show the price (in your currency) instead of Download as for a free app. Tap the price, then in step 2 you tap Continue, after that you can enter your credit card details, after some confirmation you're done.