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How to Upload Photos & Videos from Android

Most Android devices, including tablets, have one or two built-in cameras. So how can you save those photos on your PC, share with your friends etc ? In this chapter we'll go through a number of options, staring from the easiest to other methods where you have to do more actions.

Automatic Upload to the "Cloud"

This is the easiest one! Once you have it installed and setup, your photos will be automatically uploaded to the "cloud" storage, from where you can download to other mobile devices or to PCs. These services usually require you to install an app on your Android device, some software on a PC and create an account. After that all your photos and videos will be uploaded automatically. Here are some of those services, each one links to its Play Store Android app: Dropbox and SugarSync.

Upload right after taking the photo

After you've taken a photo, there will be a thumbnail of the photo in one corner. Tap that and it fills your screen, with various options, some of them will upload your photo using various means. Let's look at an example using the Android 4 camera app. In the left screen you get a number of icons below the picture that you can scroll left or right, each one symbolizing one app, depending what apps you have installed. In this example, from left to right, you can chose to upload using 1) Message, 2) Google+, 3) Gmail, 4) Box, 5) Facebook, and 6) Google Drive. So just tap the icon that you have chosen for the upload.

In some cases, e.g. Google+ and Facebook, you can then add a comment to the photo before it's posted to your account (e.g. the Facebook Wall). In other cases, e.g. text message and Gmail, your photo will be an attachment so you can text as you'd normally would do.

If you tap the picture you will get to the middle screen, on top you see the Share symbol:

If you tap that you'll get a long list of apps that can handle your photo, some may be photo editors or other kind of apps, but you can also see all the options for uploads, including social media. The right screen shows an example using Android 2.3, very similar.

Select action 1 Select action 2 Android 2.3

Attach to a Message, Gmail or email

As you saw above you can decide to send your photo as an attachment to a Gmail or other email right after you've taken the photo. However, if you didn't do that but wants to do it later, then just go into the Gallery app that will show all your photos and videos. Just tap the one you'd like to send, then you'll get a screen similar to the right one above, where you just tap the Share button and the pick Message, Gmail or email app, just as above.

Another way is to do it directly from the Message, Gmail or email app. You start the app as we've described in the earlier chapters Messages and Gmail for Android 4 chapters.

When you compose a message you can tap the paperclip symbol for Attach, then tap Pictures as in the middle screen below. For Gmail (and similarly for emails) you tap the overflow menu, then Attach file.

Message - Paperclip Select Pictures Gmail: Attach file

Transfer to your PC

If you want to send your photos directly to your PC and you have WiFi at home you can use an app like AirDroid and transfer files wirelessly.

You can also use the "old fashioned" method of connecting your Android device to a PC using a USB cable and the manufacturer's PC program, which will typically have an option for transferring files to/from your Android device.