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How to use Android's Settings for Tablets

On a tablet you first tap the area around the clock at the bottom-right:

That brings up the notification panel, including the symbol for settings:

After you tap this symbol, the quick settings come up. This gives you access to the most common settings:

  • Airplane mode
  • WiFi
  • Auto rotate screen
  • Screen brightness
  • Notifications
  • Settings (for the complete settings)
It may seem a little strange to have the same symbol for settings again, which now takes you to a different place, but think of it as a 2-stage process: First you get to the most common settings, then to the complete settings.

So you tap the settings symbol again:

That gives the complete list of settings:

This menu has two panes, the left side is the complete list of settings at the top-level (some have sub-menus), the right side shows the setting for the item you have selected on the left. In the example above we have selected WiFi to the left. You can turn it on/off directly by the button beside the setting and you can pick the WiFi network from the list to the right. Many of these settings will be explored in later chapters.