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How to Remove (Uninstall) Android Apps

As you have seen it's very easy to search for and download apps. Many are free, so that makes it quite easy to collect quite a few. Once in a while you may want to clean up your device and remove one or more apps. Note: Some apps that have been pre-installed by the manufacturer or the carrier cannot be removed. There are a few ways to get this done, let's explore 3 ways.

1. Remove via the App Drawer (Android 4)

With devices using Android 4, you can just go into the App Drawer, then tap & hold the app you want to uninstall. On the screen you'll see a Uninstall icon, just drag the app there and it will be gone.

2. Remove via the Play Store

Start by tapping the Play Store icon either on one of your home-screens or in the App Drawer:

Play Store -> Menu -> My Apps -> Select the app you want to remove -> Tap Uninstall

In the Play Store you tap Menu, then My Apps, the select the app you want to remove (AnTuTu in this example), then just tap Uninstall.

1 Tap My Apps 2 Select the App 3 Tap Uninstall

3. Remove via System Settings

From any home screen, go into Settings as explained in the Settings - Phones and the Settings - Tablets chapters.

For phones with a Menu button: Menu -> Settings

For phones without a Menu button: Notification Bar -> Settings

For tablets: Notification Area -> Settings -> Settings

Once you're into Settings, scroll down until you see Applications:

Applications -> Manage Applications -> Select app -> Tap Uninstall

1 Tap Applications 2 Tap Manage applications 3 Select App

Once you've selected the app you'll get to a very technical screen, with a lot of info for the app. You can explore that in more detail, but for our purpose just tap Uninstall:

4 Tap Uninstall

As a sidenote, if you look at the screen in step 2 above, you'll notice a tick-box for Unknown sources. If you enable that you can load your device with apps from other sources than the Play Store. But beware of malware and other harmful applications.