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How to use Android's Lock Screen

Power On, Unlock

The first thing to do is to power-up the device, using the power-on button. It is usually located on either side or the top of the device. Some older phones use one of the buttons on the front to power on/off. If your device was powered off, it will re-boot, which may take a minute, you will see some animation. If your device was in sleep mode you'll get directly to the lock screen. Let's start with how it looks like with "vanilla" Android 2.x (Remember that if you use a Samsung phone with the TouchWiz skin or an HTC phone with the Sense skin the lock screen works a bit differently). So you unlock the phone by sliding the lock-icon to the right. As you can see, you can slide the speaker icon to the left to put your phone in silent mode.

Android 2.x Lockscreen How to Unlock Put in Silent mode

In Android 4.0 the lock screen consists of a circle that you can drag either to the lock in order to unlock the phone or tablet, or you can drag the circle to the camera then the device will unlock and start your camera app, which is very convenient for a fast-shoot! Another new feature is the capability to pull-down the Notification bar to see all the details of missed calls, SMS etc right from the lock-screen, you don't have to unlock the phone first anymore. For tablets you can just press the notification area at the bottom right of the screen right on the lock screen to see all notifications. You can also access settings right away.

Android 4.0 Lockscreen How to Unlock Lockscreen Notifications

Unlock Security

There are a number of ways you can add security precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your device. In Android 2.3 phones you get to this setting as follows:

Menu button -> Settings -> Location & security -> Set up screen lock

In Android 4 devices you get to this setting as follows:

Settings -> Security -> Screen lock

Here are some of the ways:
  • None: Your phone will go straight to the home-screen when you wake it from sleep.
  • Slide: That's the default for most devices, you slide the lock-screen as in the examples above.
  • Pattern: uses a grid of dots which you must connect in the right order to unlock.
  • PIN or Password: allows you to set a PIN number or password code to unlock the phone.
  • Face Unlock: Many Android 4 devices can use the front-facing camera to recognize your face before the phone unlocks. This method may not be 100% foolproof though.