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How to Use Gmail for Android 4

This chapter is for the Gmail app that you get with Android 4 devices that don't have a Menu button, that is all Android tablets and most newer Android 4 phones. If your Android phone has a Menu button, please go to the previous Gmail for Android 2.3 chapter.

If you're new to Gmail please read the short "What is Gmail ?" section in that chapter.

In Android you normally have 2 email apps:

  1. Gmail, with the icon:
  2. Email, with the icon:
In this chapter we will examine Gmail 4, the next chapter will go through "other" emails. The Gmail app gives you very rich functionality. You start Gmail by tapping its icon, many users have it in the App Dock, or on a home-screen (perhaps in a folder), or in the App Drawer:

Select Gmail Account, Manage the Inbox

Android allows you to have multiple Gmail accounts. If you only have one, then of course the Gmail app will only show that, otherwise you can change the Gmail account by tapping the account name at the top of the left screen below.

At the bottom of the left screen you have the Inbox menu bar:

There you have from left to right icons for the following actions:
Compose, Search, Show all Labels, Refresh, Overflow menu

To act on emails in the inbox you select one or more emails as in the middle screen below, just tap each one's empty square to the left, then perform one of the actions. After the selection the action menu at the bottom will give you the following choices, as you can see in the middle screen:
Archive, Delete, Change Labels, Mark Unread, Add Star, Overflow menu

If you tap the overflow icon then you'll get the rightmost screen with the additional menu actions.

Select Account Act on mails Additional actions

Compose Gmail

Tap the compose icon, leftmost of the bottom icons.

After you've chosen the compose action, you will see the right screen below. Just fill in the To, Subject and Compose fields then tap the Send arrow at the top to send it.

Tap Compose Compose & Send

Read & Manage one Gmail

Just tap an email on the first screen, then you'll get to the middle screen where that email is displayed. On the top you have the following actions:
Add Star, Reply, Overflow menu

Reply has this icon:

On the bottom menu you have the following actions:
Archive, Delete, Change Label, Mark Unread, Overflow menu

In the right screen below you'll see the overflow items from the top menu: Reply all and Forward.

1 Select an email 2 Select action 3 Top Overflow

In the screen below we have tapped the bottom-overflow menu. If you go into Settings from here you can set the default for reply to be either Reply or Reply all.

4 Bottom Overflow