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Hpw to Create, Change & Share Contacts with Android

In the previous chapter Import contacts chapter we looked at how to do mass- or bulk-import of all your old phone numbers, email addresses and other info. In this chapter we look at how to just add or change a contact.

Add a new contact on your Android Device

You can get into the Contact app by tapping its icon (in the App Dock, Home screen or App Drawer), it's usually a variation of this standard:

Then you will get a screen similar to the left one below. You can scroll the contact list up & down.

Menu -> New contact

That will take you to a series of screens where you can fill in all relevant information for the contact. It's recommended that you fill in as much information as you have, including a picture (just click on it). As you can see there are a number of  +  signs. Using these you can add more phone number fields, email addresses etc. There are also corresponding  -  signs which will remove fields.

Contacts Menu -> New Contact New - fill in fields 1

As you go through the list there is one little field at the end that's recommended: Events. There you can specify the person's birthday and anniversary, as it's very convenient to get these as reminders in the Google Calendar.

New - fill in fields 2 New - fill in fields 3 New - fill in fields 4

After you've finished filling in the information you press the Done button, then your new contact is saved, not just on your phone or tablet, but it will automatically be saved "in the cloud" and synchronized with all your other Android devices, as long as you have permitted that. There's no need to hook up your phone with a PC using a USB cable or something similar.

Change or Share a contact on your Android Device

Once you have a person in the contact app it's very easy to change.

New - fill in fields 2 New - fill in fields 3 New - fill in fields 4

Change Ringtone Tap Share Share the Contact