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How to use Android's App Drawer

The App Drawer is sometimes called the App Tray. It is a collection of all the apps and widgets installed on your device. You reach it by pressing the Launcher button, which is a key marked with small rectangles in the Apps Dock for phones, as seen in the examples below:

Android 4.0 Samsung TouchWiz HTC Sense

For tablets, you tap the small rectangles in the top-right corner:

Notification Status

You will then be presented with the App Drawer (App Tray). All applications (apps) installed on your Android device appear in the Apps Drawer. Although you may find shortcuts to some apps on the Home screen, you go to the Apps Drawer to find everything. You can see all your apps by scrolling to the right or left (some devices use up/down instead) in the same way as you scroll among your home screens. To start an app, just tap its icon.

Android 4.0 Samsung TouchWiz HTC Sense

To return to the Home screen you can just tap the Return or Home button. As you can see, Samsung has modified the App Drawer by including the same App Dock as you have on the Home screens.

Many Android devices have their apps sorted by alphabetical order, but Samsung has them in the order you've installed them, so the last installed application will be on the last page of your app drawer. If you want to change this and rearrange them in alphabetical order there is a great free app to sort your drawer: AppZorter Lite for TouchWiz,

For tablets the app drawer looks the same, it's just bigger.