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How to Customize Android's Home Screens 3 - Contacts and Browser Bookmarks

This is very simple if you've learned how to add apps and widgets. Contacts and Bookmarks are really handled the same way as shortcuts to apps/widgets.

Android 4

In Android 4 you'll find them in the same section as widgets. Just pick one, then you can choose which person the Contact shortcut should refer to. That way you can put your most common contacts on your home screen with the person's picture.

For bookmarks you can select a widget with a single bookmark or a widget that displays all your bookmarks, which makes browsing easier.

Alternative method

On many Android devices running the older Android 2.3 version and customized Android 4 skins, you can also use the long-press method to add apps. Just long-press on an empty space on a home screen and you'll get a pop-up. Let start by looking at a Samsung TouchWiz example:

Long-Press on Home Screen -> Shortcuts -> Contacts -> Choose contact

1 Select Shortcuts 2 Select Contacts

As you can see you first get a pop-up menu, where you can choose what to add, select Shortcuts, then select Contacts, then you'll be presented with a list of your contacts and pick the contact you want to add a shortcut for. In the same manner, in step 2 above you can select Bookmarks instead and then pick the appropriate bookmark you want.

Long-Press on Home Screen -> Shortcuts -> Bookmarks -> Choose Bookmark